How do we proceed in order to obtain compensation for injured persons?

We have written down for you in clear, numbered steps what stages of compensation we will guide you through.

Step 1

Road traffic accident
Occupational injury
Public service injury
Occupational disease
Injury in public transport
Animal bite

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Step 2

Hospital treatment
Incapacity for work

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Step 3

I want compensation and I need help
Contacting the law firm of JUDr. Martina Čejková, the lawyer, by the client

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Step 4

Sending the documents by the client
Assessment of the case by the lawyer
Consultation with the client
Proposal for a solution by the lawyer
Accepting the legal representation

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Step 5

Client provides supporting documents as instructed by the lawyer
The lawyer will have an expert opinion prepared

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Step 6

Filing claims (pain allowance, disfigurement and loss of amenity, loss of earnings, medical costs, etc.) with the responsible body (employer, insurance company, etc.)

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Step 7

Claims are compensated
Claims are not compensated at all or only in part

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Step 8

Asserting the whole claim or the difference at the competent court – filing a lawsuit

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Do you know that... do not have to pay us anything?

We usually set a fee with our clients in a form of % of the money actually recovered and charge the cost of representation to the insurance company. Don't be afraid to reach out to us, just ask.

... all compensation from the road traffic accidents is covered by the insurance company from the compulsory motor third liability insurance of the person responsible for the accident?

You do not have to worry that your compensation claims will not be paid due to the insolvency of the person responsible for the accident.

... all compensation for occupational injuries and occupational diseases is covered by the employer's insurance company?

You do not have to worry about your compensation claims not being paid because your employer is insolvent or because you put your employer in financial difficulties.