Administrative law

The law firm of JUDr. Martina Čejková deals with administrative law. These are cases where the counterparts are a public authority on one side, and a so-called object of administrative law action – a citizen dealing with the authority.  Dealing with the public authorities is usually a complicated and lengthy affair. It is advisable to cooperate with a lawyer to expedite your dealings with the public authorities and to ensure that you have all your rights in the administrative proceedings. Do not fight the public authorities alone, but contact our law firm.

Administrative law - services

  • representation of the parties to administrative proceedings in administrative offence and police proceedings;
  • representation of natural and legal persons in proceedings before administrative courts in cases where your rights or legitimate interests are affected by an unlawful decision of an administrative authority, in proceedings for protection against inaction of an administrative authority, in proceedings for protection against unlawful interference, instruction or coercion of an administrative authority;
  • drawing up of motions to initiate administrative proceedings, statements, complaints or other submissions to an administrative authority or administrative court;
  • legal consultancy on administrative law matters.
  • správního práva.

Representation in administrative offence proceedings

A special area of administrative law is administrative offence proceedings. Administrative offences are dealt with in administrative offence proceedings initiated either ex officio or on motion. We distinguish between road traffic offences, business administrative offences, administrative offences against public order and administrative offences against civil coexistence, administrative offences against property and many others. The administrative authority imposes a reprimand, a fine, a ban on your activities or confiscation of your property for the administrative offences.

Administrative law proceedings

If you have committed a road traffic or other administrative offence, received a fine or been summoned to give an explanation to a police authority, we offer you legal assistance.  The law allows a lawyer to represent you in these proceedings as well. The mere presence of a lawyer at a hearing with the police is a very effective tool in order to protect your rights.

Road traffic offences - specialisation

For more information, go to the separate page “Road Traffic offences” to find out more about road traffic offences and administrative offence proceedings.

Representing cities and municipalities

We represent cities and municipalities before courts and in administrative proceedings, provide personal consultations, draft legal documents and legal analyses.

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