Family law

The law firm of JUDr. Martina Čejková offers comprehensive services and legal consultancy in all areas of family law.  Family law regulates personal and property relations between family members. It deals with the formation and dissolution of marriage, relations between parents and children, and foster care. 

Divorce is a difficult life situation, during which we always try to proceed sensitively because we are aware of the great interference into privacy and the emotional strain on those involved. We carefully weigh cost-effectiveness and client benefits and are not afraid to propose unconventional but effective solutions. We can handle family law cases (such as divorce) without the presence of the parties themselves.

will help you with the solution of:

  • problems associated with divorce, including a so-called “agreed divorce”;
  • division (settlement) of the community property;
  • problems associated with childcare;
  • child support, spousal support, parental support;
  • parent-child contact;
  • establishment and denial of paternity; and
  • child support enforcement.

Divorce proceedings – divorce

Our firm offers representation in divorce proceedings (we will file the application/petition for divorce), as well as in the settlement (division) of property and living arrangements after divorce.

At the introductory meeting, we will inform you in a clear and human way about what to expect during the divorce proceedings and answer your questions. We understand that this may be your first time attending a court hearing.

Support maintenance

We focus on the recovery of support maintenance, representation in disputes on the reduction or increase of the support maintenance, in the arrangement of the relations of minor children for the period before the divorce and after the divorce of the marriage – entrusting children to the custody of one of the parents, shared custody and joint custody.

We draw up all the documents necessary for a so-called “agreed divorce” - agreements of the parents on the arrangement of the relations of minor children, agreement between the spouses on the settlement of mutual property relations (community property), arrangement of the housing situation and maintenance obligations.

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