Criminal law

Representation of injured persons

The injured person may be one of the parties to the criminal proceedings. The Criminal Procedure Code defines the injured person as a person who has been bodily harmed by a criminal offence, as a person who has suffered property damage caused by a criminal offence, or as a person who has suffered moral or other damage as a result of a criminal offence.

Criminal law – compensation for injury and damage

The injured person is entitled to compensation for personal injury and property damage caused by the criminal offence. This claim for compensation for injury damage must be made no later than at the trial before the court, until the evidence is taken. It must be clear from the application on what grounds and in what amount the claim is made. By pursuing the claim for compensation for injury – damage in criminal proceedings, the injured person can avoid lengthy assertion of the claim for damages in civil proceedings or paying court fees and other costs associated with asserting a claim in civil proceedings.

JUDr. Martina Čejková will represent you in the criminal proceedings and will properly assert all your claims for compensation for personal injury and property damage. As the representative of the injured person, she is legally entitled, in particular, to:

  • participate in all acts in which the injured party may participate;
  • submit motions to supplement the evidence;
  • participate at the trial and the appeal proceedings;
  • make a statement regarding the whole case before issuing judgment;
  • participate in the negotiation of the plea bargain agreement between the accused and the prosecutor; and
  • claim compensation for personal injury and property damage.

Defence in criminal proceedings

We represent the accused persons in criminal proceedings before police authorities and courts, we provide our clients with all legal means for their defence, we develop a defence strategy including a legal analysis of the case, we present facts and evidence that refute or at least mitigate the guilt of the accused. We provide expert opinions and expert statements.

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