Road traffic accidents

Road traffic accidents, and especially those with consequences for health and lives, painfully affect not only the direct participants in the accident, but also their families. They are psychologically damaging to those affected, as well as to relationships within the family, and they place new demands and challenges on the resolution of the entire situation.

Road traffic accidents cut across several branches of law, permeating criminal law, civil law, administrative law and social security law. These areas of law then give rise to specific rights and obligations for the injured, their families (survivors) and those responsible for the accident.  It is important to remember that everyone has rights and obligations, whether they are the injured, the survivor, the person responsible for the accident or other people involved in the accident. Experience has shown that legal support for all the involved persons is important, as it is often the injured and survivors of road traffic accidents who have problems asserting their rights in practice.

Road traffic accidents – compensation for personal injury and property damage

We help the injured persons and their families to claim compensation for injuries and damage so that they get paid the pecuniary compensation in the amount they are entitled to. We also represent the injured parties in criminal proceedings against the person responsible for the accident so that they are fairly punished.

It should be emphasised that compensation to victims of road traffic accidents is covered by the compulsory motor third party liability insurance of the person responsible for the accident, i.e. individual claims are paid on behalf of the person responsible for the accident by the insurance company with which such person is insured. If the person responsible for the accident fails to have compulsory motor third party liability insurance in violation of the law, the Czech Insurers' Bureau pays for it from the so-called Guarantee Fund.  You are therefore compensated even if the person responsible for the accident has no assets, so there is no need to worry about losing your claim.

In practice, it happens that insurance companies reduce compensation payments to the lowest acceptable level or dispute who is actually responsible for the accident. Insurance companies have their own legal departments, or cooperate with law firms, and are therefore equipped with sufficient professional staff to promote their interests.  Legal assistance for car accident victims is therefore essential right from the start of the compensation process.

If you have been involved in a car accident, we recommend:

  • carefully store all documentation related to the accident and medical records
  • if possible, take your own photographic documentation of the accident at the spot and take the contact details of any witnesses to the accident
  • submit only copies of documents, keep the originals carefully
  • seek the help of a lawyer

We will be glad if the information provided gives you the courage to defend your rights and to contact our law firm with confidence. We will explain everything to you in detail and will be happy to answer your questions.

Road traffic accidents abroad

We offer legal assistance in compensation for accidents with personal injury consequences abroad. We also represent relatives of fatal victims in compensation of foreign road traffic accidents.

In the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) and in the countries listed in the implementing decree of the Ministry of Finance, the Green Card system applies.  The Green Card is not only proof of the existence of motor third-party liability insurance, but above all it guarantees victims of road traffic accidents that they will be reimbursed by the insurer of the operator of the vehicle that caused the accident abroad. In the event of an accident in Croatia, Slovakia or other “green card” countries, you do not have to worry about losing your compensation for a road traffic accident.

Even abroad, you have the same right to compensation as in the case of an accident in the Czech Republic.

We will represent you in communicating with the foreign insurance company and help you assert individual claims for compensation abroad.  We can deal with road traffic accidents abroad.

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