Debt recovery

Since a high percentage of recovered debts are settled in court, it is wise to use the services of a law firm. We do not recommend delaying the recovery of debts, as the prospects of payment by the debtor diminish with the passage of time.

Our law firm provides legal assistance in:

  • recovery of claims under contracts (purchase, lease...) or other contractual relationships
  • representation in negotiations with debtors
  • drafting the reminder letters and final demands
  • drawing up an acknowledgement of debt and arranging a repayment plan
  • court hearings

We will study the documents submitted by you relating to the claim and assess the possible risks of recovery. We will try to resolve the case out of court, but if no agreement is possible, we will initiate court proceedings.

We take over the recovery in a comprehensive manner, we negotiate with the debtor on your behalf. We keep you informed of all steps taken and the progress of your case. If you are unable to come to the office in person, we will resolve everything online via telephone and e-mail or mail.

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