Divorce – divorce proceedings

We try to proceed sensitively in divorce proceedings because we are aware of the great interference into privacy and the emotional strain on those involved. We carefully weigh cost-effectiveness and client benefits and are not afraid to propose unconventional but effective solutions.  But we also proceed with the necessary vigour to achieve the best possible outcome for you, your children and your property.

We will guide you through the divorce process from negotiating with your spouse through filing the application for divorce to a final judgment. At the initial meeting, we will inform you in a clear and human way about what to expect during the divorce proceedings and answer your questions. We understand that this may be your first appearance at a court hearing. We will be there to support you.

We will draw up all the documents necessary for a so-called “agreed divorce” – agreement between the parents on the arrangement of the relations of minor children, agreement between the spouses on the settlement of mutual property relations (community property), arrangement of the housing situation and maintenance obligations.

Custody of children, maintenance

We represent clients in disputes regarding the arrangements of the relations of minor children for the period before and after the divorce – entrusting the custody of children to one of the parents, shared custody and joint custody. We focus on the reduction or increase of child maintenance support and also on the enforcement of child maintenance support.

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