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We have been providing legal services since 2012. We have attended several hundred successful court hearings and administrative proceedings. We will be happy to help you.

Road traffic accidents
Road traffic accidents
If you or any of your close persons have had a car accident or have been involved in a car accident as a pedestrian or cyclist, we recommend legal consultancy immediately after the accident so that our law firm can best protect your interests.
Road traffic offences
Road traffic offences
We have many years of experience with law in the field of road traffic offences, traffic accidents and the point system. We will represent you in administrative proceedings when dealing with city hall, city administration and municipal authorities. We will assist in filing explanations with the police.
Compensation for personal injury
Compensation for personal injury
We help injured persons to deal with in their claims for compensation for personal injury and damages arising from road traffic accidents, occupational injuries and occupational diseases. We will represent you in a dispute with the insurance company or the person responsible for a road traffic accident. We can also assist in related criminal proceedings.
Compensation for survivors
Compensation for survivors
Survivors of deceased or seriously injured victims of road traffic accidents and occupational injuries are entitled to financial compensation for their mental distress from the compulsory motor third party liability insurance of the vehicle pertaining to the person responsible for the road traffic accident or from the compulsory insurance of the employer. We will help children, parents, spouses, and persons close to the injured parties.
Labour law
We offer comprehensive legal advice for employees and employers. We prepare employment contracts and related documentation, deal with termination of employment and represent our clients successfully in court proceedings. We specialize in occupational diseases and injuries.
Family law
We deal with the denial and establishment of paternity, issues related to divorce, child maintenance and spousal support, custody of children, shared custody and contact between parents and children. We proceed very sensitively as we are aware of the great interference into privacy and the emotional strain on those involved.
Administrative law
If you have committed a road traffic or other administrative offence, received a fine or been summoned to give an explanation to a police authority, we offer you legal assistance. The law allows a lawyer to represent you in these proceedings as well. The mere presence of a lawyer at a hearing with the police is a very effective means of protecting your rights.
Criminal law
We represent the accused persons in criminal proceedings before police authorities and courts, we provide our clients with all legal means for their defence, we develop a defence strategy including a legal analysis of the case, we present facts and evidence that refute or at least mitigate the guilt of the accused persons. We arrange for expert opinions and expert statements.
Representation of cities and municipalities
Our law firm is experienced in defending the interests of municipalities before the courts, and we provide legal services to cities and municipalities in their independent and delegated competences. We offer personal consultations and draft legal analyses and opinions.
Marriage divorces
We will provide all the documentation necessary for an uncontested divorce based on agreement between the spouses, as well as legal representation for the spouse when an agreement cannot be reached. We strive to minimize the psychological burden on the client and achieve a quick divorce.
Drawing up purchase contracts and lease agreements
If you need to draw up a contract or are already entering into a contract and want to be sure that everything is alright send us the contract for review. We draft and revise contractual documents, point out possible dangers that might arise in the submitted contracts and offer appropriate solutions.
Debt recovery
We deal with judicial and extrajudicial debt recovery. We study the documents and assess the potential risks. We take over the recovery comprehensively, we deal with the debtor on your behalf, and we check the debtor's assets and solvency from publicly available sources.
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We have attended hundreds of court hearings, particularly in the areas of civil, family and criminal law. We have helped more than 1,000 clients.

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Prof. Ing. Jan Masák, CSc.
I can recommend the legal services of JUDr. Martina Čejková and her team. Swift action, polite behaviour, professional approach.
Prof. Ing. Jan Masák, CSc.
Dean of the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
Ing. Josef Žikovský
Rarely do you meet a lawyer who will patiently listen to you with a smile on her lips and take on all your issues so that you don't have to worry about them any further. I have experienced all of this at the law firm of JUDr. Čejková and I can highly recommend her.
Ing. Josef Žikovský
Managing Director of Aveton Praha
Mgr. Tomáš Jůnek, Ph.D.
Helpfulness, speed and professionalism. For me this law firm is a reliable partner.
Mgr. Tomáš Jůnek, Ph.D.
zoologist, ecologist, photographer and publicist