Compensation for personal injury and property damage

Compensation for injury - damage

Compensations apply in the following areas:

  • road traffic accidents;
  • occupational injuries;
  • public service injuries;
  • occupational diseases;
  • injuries to passengers in public transport – urban and municipal transport;
  • medical malpractice or medical negligence;
  • a school and sports injuries; and
  • dog bites, animal attacks.

The person injured in an accident is entitled to compensation, in particular, for:

Pain allowance – financial compensation for pain caused by personal injury, its treatment and recovery.

Disfigurement and loss of amenity – adverse consequences of the injury on the victim's life activities. It is a limitation or loss of the possibility to exercise a profession, participation in social and life activities.

Purposefully incurred costs related to the health care of the injured person – these are expenses incurred by the injured person to improve his or her health condition, costs of a more nutritious diet, costs of nursing assistance from a third party in the home, trips by family members to a medical facility, expenses (additional charges) for medications, medical aids, wheelchair modifications, etc.

Funeral costs – reasonable costs associated with the burial of the victim and the acquisition of a memorial.

Loss of earnings during incapacity for work – difference between average earnings before the injury and sickness benefits.

Loss of earnings after termination of incapacity for work – difference between average earnings before the claim and earnings after the injury, plus any disability pension.

Material damage – items destroyed in a traffic accident.

Compensation for injury – damage: road traffic accident

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We recommend obtaining legal advice immediately after the accident, before the insurance company becomes involved, so that our law firm can best protect your interests and preserve witness statements and necessary evidence.

Insurance companies often reduce insurance payments to the lowest acceptable level, and they have extensive legal experience and teams of specialist lawyers in this area.  To obtain adequate compensation for damage, it is important to work with a law firm that understands disputes with insurance companies and has been dealing with this issue for a long time

Compensation for damage: occupational and public service injury, occupational disease

In the event of death of your close persons in a road traffic accident, occupational and public service injuries, occupational diseases, animal bites, or damage to your health in a road traffic accident, you are entitled to compensation, which our law firm will help you secure and guide you safely through the entire dispute.

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