Representation of cities and municipalities

The law firm of JUDr. Martina Čejková provides legal services and legal consultancy to cities and municipalities.

We provide legal services to cities and municipalities in their independent and delegated competences. We defend the interests of municipalities and cities before courts, act in (chair) the administrative offence commissions, provide personal consultations, draft legal analyses and opinions, and prepare other legal documents.

From our law firm's services in this area to date:

  • legal opinion to deal with administrative offences regarding movement between districts during covid measures
  • legal opinion on the liability for damage of the municipal district
  • dealing with a complaint regarding the procedure of an official
  • dealing with an administrative action against a measure of a general nature
  • chairmanship of the administrative offence commission – removing the end-of-life vehicles
  • representing a municipality in court in a matter of disproportionate reduction from a lease agreement
  • guardian to unknown persons – location of end-of-life vehicles
  • guardian to unknown person – rerouting of a road
  • guardian to unknown persons – road circuit around Prague
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